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Publications: Prof Lois Weaver

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WEAVER L ( 2009 ) . Democratising Technology . from: 2007 to: 2009 , N/A Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob , Medium: Multiple mediums and practice-based projects , Notes: Public Output: The Not Quite Yet Exhibit, Space Gallery, London featuring the work of five visual and performance artists commissioned to respond to research conducted in workshops (24 Jan - 1 March 2008) Not Quite Yet Symposium (29 Feb 2008) The Not Quite Yet DVD, a professional development resource for designers, activists and policy makers. Conference Papers: 'Adventures in Not Quite Yet: using performance techniques to raise design awareness about digital networks' Proc DRS Sheffield (J ,
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WEAVER L ( 2008 ) . Still Counting . Femmes of Power: Exploding Queer Femininities , Editors: Dahl, U , Serpents Tail
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WEAVER L ( 2007 ) . What Tammy Needs to Know: Using Persona to Facilitate Public Engagement . Notes: Practice-Based Research ,
WEAVER L ( 2006 ) . East End Collaborations . Notes: See attached sheet. ,
WEAVER L ( 2006 ) . Performing Human Rights . Notes: See attached sheet. ,
WEAVER L, Hughes H, Shaw P ( 2005 ) . Dress Suits To Hire: Translating Across Time and Cultures . Notes: Practice-Based Research ,
WEAVER L, Paris H, Hill L ( 2003 ) . On the Scent . Notes: Touring as a collaborator, writer and performer with ON THE SCENT, a Live Art installation project originated by Helen Paris and Leslie Hill of Curious. On the Scent investigates the emotive and cognitive influences of smell, particularly how it acts as a trigger for memory and emotions. It is installed in a house or private living space and is performed to 2-4 people at a time. ,
WEAVER L, Clark P, Shaw P, Willson S ( 2002 ) . Miss Risque . Notes: See attached sheet. ,
WEAVER L ( 2001 ) . In the House . Notes: performance installation conceived by Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw and curated by Lois Weaver. IN THE HOUSE is the direct output of research undertaken in the AHRB funded project Staging Human Rights 2 and represents the results of an investigation of performance based methodologies in human rights workshops with women from the criminal justice system in the UK and Brazil. This investigation asks the questions: Is it possible for performance to encourage both individual and institutional change? ,
WEAVER L ( 2001 ) . To My Chagrin . Notes: solo piece written and performed by Peggy Shaw and edited and directed by Lois Weaver. This piece is the third in a trilogy of solo performances written and performed by Peggy Shaw. TO MY CHAGRIN explores issues of race, gender, age and ancestry. It is an autobiographical piece that asks the question: how does a white butch grandmother disrupt cultural, racial and gender identity for her mixed race grandson This is a continuation of more than 20 years of my research and collaboration with Peggy ,