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Publications: Prof Alistair Campbell

Campbell A ( 2019 ) . The Theatre of the Oppressed in Practice Today An Introduction to the Work and Principles of Augusto Boal . Bloomsbury Publishing
CAMPBELL AM ( 2013 ) . Embodied Emotions: Child-led Research into Experiential Methods for the Teaching of Emotional Literacy in Schools . from: 2009 to: 2013 , N/A Medium: Multiple mediums and practice-based projects ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2013 ) . Making Wellbeing: Templates for Participatory Applied Arts Research into Health and Wellbeing . from: 2007 to: 2013 , N/A Medium: Multiple mediums and practice-based project ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2011 ) . Embodied Emotions . AHRC Abstract: java.sql.Clob org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.WrappedClob , Medium: Film; performance; visual practice; dance; performance lecture; seminar , Notes: These two AHRC-funded projects interrogate notions of Emotional Literacy in practice, bringing together a seminar series with an 18 month practice-based research process at Osmani Primary School, Whitechapel, including a whole school roll-out of the X-Ray Eyes child led methodology to teach Emotional Literacy as art of the National Curriculum ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2006 ) . Building Bridges, Making Space: Applied Arts Strategies in Post-Conflict Northern Ireland . Northern Ireland , Notes: Practice-Based Research ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2006 ) . Opera/Music Education/Outreach Research .
CAMPBELL AM ( 2006 ) . Public Voices: Theatre for Social Change: Performance as Advocacy and Activism .
CAMPBELL AM ( 2004 ) . Applied Arts and International Development . Notes: Practice-Based Research ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2001 ) . Breakthrough Project by Proteus Theatre Company [Workshop and forum theatre performance programme] . Notes: PROGRAMME OF WORK: 2003 was the third year of a research and development project of which I am mentor and dramaturg, using practice-based research to develop arts-based advocacy work with learning-disabled, physically disabled and mental health groups in rural Hampshire. BREAKTHROUGH (2) was seen in the Pinter in Autumn 2002. The main funding partner is Barclays, with ACGB and LEA. PUBLICATIONS: The main outcome of the three years has been the performative work, which in turn is a ,
CAMPBELL AM ( 2001 ) . Theatre in Education, 'Lawnmowers' and 'Graeae' . Notes: I am dramaturg/mentor to the LAWNMOWERS (Britain's longest-standing professional company of learning disabled performers) and GRAEAE (ditto, with the focus on physical disability) adapting to their needs (and for the broader access to their art of the general public) the techniques of interactive and educational theatre I have developed over 25 years. ,