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Publications: Dr Peng Liu

Marelli G, Chard Dunmall LS, Yuan M, Di Gioia C, Miao J, Cheng Z, Zhang Z, Liu P et al. ( 2021 ) . A systemically deliverable Vaccinia virus with increased capacity for intertumoral and intratumoral spread effectively treats pancreatic cancer . Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer vol. 9 , ( 1 )
Webb ES, Liu P, BALEEIRO R, Lemoine NR, Yuan M, Wang Y ( 2017 ) . Immune checkpoint inhibitors in cancer therapy . Journal of Biomedical Research
Yuan M, Gao X, Chard LS, Ali Z, Ahmed J, Li Y, Liu P, Lemoine NR et al. ( 2015 ) . A marker-free system for highly efficient construction of vaccinia virus vectors using CRISPR Cas9 . Molecular Therapy - Methods and Clinical Development vol. 2 ,