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Publications: Dr Guy Hanke

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HANKE GT ( 2018 ) . Potential Roles of YCF54 and Ferredoxin-NADPH Reductase for Magnesium Protoporphyrin Monomethylester Cyclase . The Plant Journal
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Shinohara F, Kurisu G, Hanke G, Bowsher C, Hase T, Kimata-Ariga Y ( 2017 ) . Structural basis for the isotype-specific interactions of ferredoxin and ferredoxin: NADP+ oxidoreductase: an evolutionary switch between photosynthetic and heterotrophic assimilation . Photosynthesis Research
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Hachiya T, Ueda N, Kitagawa M, Hanke G, Suzuki A, Hase T, Sakakibara H ( 2016 ) . Arabidopsis Root-Type Ferredoxin:NADP(H) Oxidoreductase 2 is Involved in Detoxification of Nitrite in Roots . Plant and Cell Physiology