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Publications: Mr Matthew Ward

Ward M, Iskratsch T ( 2020 ) . Mix and (mis-)match – The mechanosensing machinery in the changing environment of the developing, healthy adult and diseased heart . Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Molecular Cell Research vol. 1867 , ( 3 )
Hawkes W, Huang D, Reynolds P, Hammond L, Ward M, Gadegaard N, Marshall JF, Iskratch T et al. ( 2019 ) . Probing the nanoscale organisation and multivalency of cell surface receptors: DNA origami nanoarrays for cellular studies with single-molecule control . Faraday Discussions
Nadendla SK, Hazan A, Ward M, Harper LJ, Moutasim K, Bianchi LS, Naase M, Ghali L et al. ( 2011 ) . Gli1 confers profound phenotypic changes upon lncap prostate cancer cells that include the acquisition of a hormone independent state . PLoS ONE vol. 6 , ( 5 )