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Publications: Mr James King

Crespo-Ribadeneyra M, King J, Titirici M, Szilagyi PA ( 2022 ) . A facile and sustainable one-pot approach to the aqueous and low-temperature PET-to-UiO-66(Zr) upcycling . Chemical Communications
Hoyez G, Rousseau J, Rousseau C, Saitzek S, King J, Szilágyi PÁ, Volkringer C, Loiseau T et al. ( 2021 ) . Cyclodextrins: a new and effective class of co-modulators for aqueous zirconium-MOF syntheses . CrystEngComm
King J, Szilágyi P ( 2021 ) . Chapter 13: Catalytic Nanoparticles in Metal-Organic Frameworks . Monographs in Supramolecular Chemistry , vol. 2021-January ,
King J, Zhang L, doszczeczko S, Sambalova O, Luo H, Rohman F, Phillips O, Borgschulte A et al. ( 2020 ) . How to functionalise metal-organic frameworks to enable guest nanocluster embedment . Journal of Materials Chemistry A