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Publications: Dr Meryem Ozgencil

Dullovi A, Ozgencil M, Rajvee V, Tse WY, Cutillas PR, Martin SA, Hořejší Z ( 2023 ) . Microtubule-associated proteins MAP7 and MAP7D1 promote DNA double-strand break repair in the G1 cell cycle phase . iScience vol. 26 , ( 3 )
Ozgencil M, Barwell J, Tischkowitz M, Izatt L, Kesterton I, Simpson M, Sharpe P, de Sepulveda P et al. ( 2021 ) . Assessing BRCA1 activity in DNA damage repair using human induced pluripotent stem cells as an approach to assist classification of BRCA1 variants of uncertain significance . PLoS ONE vol. 16 , ( 12 )