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Publications: Miss Georgina Mathlin

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Mathlin G, Freestone M, Taylor C, Shaw J ( 2021 ) . Authors' Responses to Peer Review of “Offenders With Personality Disorder Who Fail to Progress: A Case-Control Study Using Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling Path Analysis” . JMIRxMed vol. 2 , ( 4 ) e33933 - e33933 .
Mathlin G, Freestone M, Taylor C, Shaw J ( 2021 ) . Offenders with Personality Disorder who Fail to Progress: A Case Control Study using PLS-SEM Path Analysis (Preprint) . JMIRx Med
Foote I, Jacobs B, Mathlin G, Watson C, Bothongo PLK, Waters S, Dobson R, Noyce A et al. ( 2021 ) . The Genetic Architecture of Alzheimer’s Disease Risk: A Genomic Structural Equation Modelling Study .
Winstone NE, Mathlin G, Nash RA ( 2019 ) . Building Feedback Literacy: Students’ Perceptions of the Developing Engagement With Feedback Toolkit . Frontiers in Education vol. 4 ,