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Publications: Miss Jeviya Mohanakrishnan

Sawadkar P, Mandakhbayar N, Patel KD, Buitrago JO, Kim TH, Rajasekar P, Lali F, Kyriakidis C et al. ( 2021 ) . Three dimensional porous scaffolds derived from collagen, elastin and fibrin proteins orchestrate adipose tissue regeneration . Journal of Tissue Engineering vol. 12 ,
Sawadkar P, Mohanakrishnan J, Rajasekar P, Rahmani B, Kohli N, Bozec L, García-Gareta E ( 2020 ) . A Synergistic Relationship between Polycaprolactone and Natural Polymers Enhances the Physical Properties and Biological Activity of Scaffolds . ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces vol. 12 , ( 12 ) 13587 - 13597 .