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Publications: Mr Christoforos Efstathiou

Ampartzidis I, Efstathiou C, Paonessa F, Thompson E, Wilson T, McCann C, Greene NDE, Copp A et al. ( 2022 ) . Synchronisation of apical constriction and cell cycle progression is a conserved behaviour of pseudostratified neuroepithelia informed by their tissue geometry .
Dang D, Efstathiou C, Sun D, Sastry N, Draviam V ( 2021 ) . SpinX: Time-resolved 3D Analysis of Mitotic Spindle Dynamics using Deep Learning Techniques and Mathematical Modelling .
Efstathiou C, Draviam VM ( 2021 ) . Electrically tunable lenses - Eliminating mechanical axial movements during high-speed 3D live imaging . Journal of Cell Science vol. 134 , ( 16 )