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Publications: Dr Hamish Miller

Colosimo S, Miller H, Koutoukidis D, Marjot T, Tan G, Harman D, Aithal G, Manousou P et al. ( 2023 ) . The role of glycated haemoglobin in predicting disease severity in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease . Endocrine Abstracts
Li W, Sheridan D, McPherson S, Alazawi W, Abeysekera K, Marjot T, Brennan P, Mahgoub S et al. ( 2023 ) . National study of NAFLD management identifies variation in delivery of care in the UK between 2019 to 2022 . JHEP Reports vol. 5 , ( 12 )
Mir IG, Kumar R, Garrido P, Li W, Miller H, Saihi H, Hood G, Alazawi W ( 2023 ) . FRI-520 B-cell activating factor in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis . Journal of Hepatology vol. 78 ,
Miller H, Colosimo S, Li W, Cobbold J, Alazawi W, Harman D, Aithal G, Manousou P et al. ( 2023 ) . SAT-483 Developing a risk stratification tool for advanced NAFLD fibrosis using routinely measured clinical variables in a diabetes clinic annual review . Journal of Hepatology vol. 78 ,