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Publications: Mr Francisco Manuel Martin Zamora

Martín-Zamora FM, Davies BE, Donnellan RD, Guynes K, Martín-Durán JM ( 2023 ) . Functional genomics in Spiralia . Briefings in Functional Genomics
Martin Duran J, Henry L, Moggioli G, Panosian B, Sun Y, Thiel D, Martin-Zamora FM, Tran M et al. ( 2023 ) . Distinct genomic routes underlie transitions to specialised symbiotic lifestyles in deep-sea annelid worms . Nature Communications
Martín-Zamora FM, Liang Y, Guynes K, Carrillo-Baltodano AM, Davies BE, Donnellan RD, Tan Y, Moggioli G et al. ( 2023 ) . Annelid functional genomics reveal the origins of bilaterian life cycles . Nature
Seudre O, Martín-Zamora FM, Rapisarda V, Luqman I, Carrillo-Baltodano AM, Martín-Durán JM ( 2022 ) . The Fox Gene Repertoire in the Annelid Owenia fusiformis Reveals Multiple Expansions of the foxQ2 Class in Spiralia . Genome Biology and Evolution vol. 14 , ( 10 )