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Publications: Ms Isadora Araujo Cruxen

Suresh H, Movva R, Lee Dogan A, Bhargava R, Araujo Cruxen I, Martinez Cuba Á, Taurino G, So W et al. ( 2022 ) . Towards Intersectional Feminist and Participatory ML: A Case Study in Supporting Feminicide Counterdata Collection . Conference: ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency ( Seoul, Republic of Korea ) from: 21/06/2022 to: 24/06/2022 ,
D'Ignazio C, Cruxên I, Suárez Val H, Martinez Cuba A, García-Montes M, Fumega S, Suresh H, So W ( 2022 ) . Feminicide and counterdata production: Activist efforts to monitor and challenge gender-related violence . Patterns Article 100530 , 100530 - 100530 .